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Our Next House Concert Chris Arellano

2018 Schedule

March 3 Chris Arrellano

March 24 Allice Wallace

April 15 Susan Gibson

May 12 Bo Brumble

June ? Tina Mitchell Wilkins and Walt Wilkins

July 15 Courtney Patton

August ? Josh Fuller

September  Chris and Adam Carroll

Oct. 20 Brennen Leigh & Noel McKay

November 10 Dana Cooper

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The Concerts are not public.  If you would like to request an invitation to an upcoming show, email us at music@backyardatgruene.com.

We believe live music is the best way to experience the heart and soul of Texas Music.  

Sitting with like minded people who appreciate the Artists' Craft, not discussing the day's challenges, but escaping them to enjoy this world, brings a little bit of your soul back.

We enjoy the best and brightest Singer Songwriters in Americana  today. Walt Wilkins, Tina Mitchell Wilkins Susan Gibson, Drew Kennedy, Josh Grider, Kelley Mickwee, Jason Eady, Courtney Patton just to name a few.

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